Apartments / Office  Complex Security GUARDS

In apartment complexes there are typically many tenants living in close proximity, and the sharing of common spaces such as lobbies, hallways, parking garages, laundry facilities etc. can pose many complex challenges.

In order to ensure a safe environment for all residents, a property manager must have a system in place that deters crime and flags suspicious activity of all kinds. These activities can range from trespassing, loitering, drug activity all he way to assaults and to domestic violence.

To prevent or solve these issues, there is no substitute for having a qualified security professional on site.  A security officer functions as a key deterrent to criminal activity and a  real-time responder to these types of situations .

Construction Site Security

Construction sites pose many challenges because of the significant quantity of materials and equipment and the vast amounts of space that must be secured. There are often multiple entry points to a construction site, with workers, contractors, and delivery people coming and going on a continuous basis. Building materials and equipment are flowing in and out, which can also present problems.

Our construction site security specialists are here to help you protect your site from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft—both internal and external. We develop and implement security plans that provide the most effective solutions for your needs.

INdustrial Property Security

A lapse in an industrial sites security can result in a major blow to project budgets. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in damage caused by theft or vandalism means a decrease in your profitability and an increase in client costs. Even worse is the fact that criminal activity can sabotage or influence serious injury to employees and other staff members.

Crown Security understands that your industrial site requires the utmost protection from these threats in order to safeguard trade secrets, reputation and an overall competitive edge. We offer superintendents and project managers expert guidance and implementation of security plans to ensure they meet industrial security regulations and prevent detrimental damages.

Fire Watch Security

Crown Security Guards are especially trained for fire watch duty. Our guards will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire Department, building occupants and management.

Retail / Commercial Property Security

Crown Security offers expert retail security services to shopping centers, malls, lifestyle centers, and we are expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry. We understand the complexities in shopping center security. That’s why we customize our services to the conditions of each property.


Crown Security offers decades of experience in assisting clients with workplace violence issues, threats, and employee discharge cases. From consulting to additional security resources, such as surveillance or security personnel, we can help mitigate  risk and ensure a safe working environment.

Special Event Security

We supply ONLY highly trained, uniformed, unarmed security officers to your event and provide our team with clear, specific instructions to follow.  We develop a security plan for each event by gathering your specific needs, special instructions and compliance considerations of the venue.

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